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 NetDotCom Web Site & E-mail Services.

When you decide to establish your online presence, one of the most important decisions you will make is who will provide your hosting services. 

No one will deny that the dependability and reliability of your online presence can make or break your site. If page loads aren't fast and reliable, the next site is just a mouse click away. Dependable, secure, high speed Internet connections and servers are just as critical to your Website as aesthetic appeal. A gorgeous website is useless if no one can get to it and few will try more than once or twice. 

With the availability of inexpensive high-speed broadband connections, running your own Internet server is a tempting prospect. You have total control, and can tweak to your heart's content, without having to rely on a third-party. However, your server needs to maintain a constant connection to the Internet. Few desktop PCs are equipped for reliable, continuous 24x7 operation. In addition, most DSL and cable modem ISP's restrict hosting activities. Plus, there's the issues of security, data backup, power back-up, redundancy, and upgrades to contend with, technical requirements and expenses that are generally beyond the resources of many small businesses.

As an experienced web service provider, NetDotCom will take care of all of this for you, for a monthly fee that is a fraction of the amount you would pay to purchase the necessary services and hardware on your own. NetDotCom already has the required "industrial-strength" Internet infrastructure, technical expertise and experience, so your online presence is up and running in days rather than weeks or months. NetDotCom hosting services allows businesses of any sizes to compete equally in the global economy. 

Whether you're a fast-paced entrepreneur or a hundred year old company, NetDotCom offers a hosting solution that suits your exact business and technology needs. The expertise of our people and the integrity of our infrastructure provides a solid basis for your continued growth. You can rely on NetDotCom for guaranteed connections to the global Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

But why choose NetDotCom out of the hundreds that are available? Because, unlike the anonymous, 1-800 providers, our team works with you one-on-one, face-to-face to create an Internet presence that meets your objectives and implements your requirements. We are understand that you know your business better than anyone else. We work with you to find the right services that will accomplish your goals with the minimum of fuss and expense. This leaves you free to concentrate on managing your business and achieving your goals rather than the mundane tasks of dealing with bits, bytes and pc's.

By partnering with NetDotCom you receive:

  • Low start-up and re-occurring fees.

  • Scalable plans to meet growing demands.

  • Flexible services that meet changing needs.

  • Fast implementation.

  • Technical expertise.

  • Professional management and maintenance.

  • Proven reliability

Whether your looking to publish your first web site, open a database-driven, e-commerce storefront or simply have an e-mail address that reflects your identity, NetDotCom has the exact service that will meet your needs.


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