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 DSL is economical!

For the same price as a second phone line and dial-up Internet access, you can get DSL with at least 10 times the speed of a regular modem.

 DSL is priced complete.

We quote you the exact price you will pay with no hidden charges or extras tacked on; including taxes.

Ever try to get an exact price from the cable or telephone company?

 did you know?

DSL has different transmit and receive speeds.

The first number is the download or receive (from Internet) speed while the second is the upload or transmit (to Internet) speed.

 what speed?

The entry level speed for home or small businesses. This level is ideal for users with 1 to 4 computers that wants more speed than what modems, cable or ISDN offers but at an economical price.

Recommended for performance minded users who spend several hours per day on the Internet. This level is also ideal for multi-user businesses with 5 to 15 users on their network.

If you routinely transmit large files or e-mails, this level offers the highest upload speed.

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 NetDotCom High Speed DSL Internet Access Services.

NetDotCom DSL offers speeds many times faster than today's dial-up modems, without the annoying busy signals or disconnects at costs about the same as a second phone line and traditional dial-up Internet access. 

With high speed access, your online experience takes on a whole new dimension! Web pages jump onto your screen, e-mails, even ones with attachments, transmit quickly and reliably. Downloads that took forever now complete quickly. Your whole online experience is transformed because you are no longer waiting on the Internet, the Internet is waiting on you!

NetDotCom DSL is an efficient and reliable modern technology that runs over regular phone lines; without tying up the phone line for ordinary use. With DSL you can be online and continue to use your phone line like always.

DSL is a low-cost version of the ultra-fast, ultra-reliable and expensive "T1" circuits used by large businesses. DSL works by splitting a normal phone line into two separate communications channels. One channel for voice and one for data.

By using separate channels for voice and data your Internet connection is more reliable. Your computer is relieved of the complex task of trying transmit data quickly and reliably through a phone system designed only for voice. Because the voice channel is unaffected by the addition of the DSL data channel; any features on your phone like voicemail or caller-id continue to work like always. 

In addition to the superior performance and reliability you get an "always on" connection to the Internet. You no longer have to wait while your computer dials-in and connects

NetDotCom DSL provides a high-speed, cost-effective Internet access solution for both business and residential customers.
  • For businesses; DSL can boost productivity (and profits) by giving more workers access to the email and Internet resources at a total lower cost when compared to traditional dialup or costly T1 type connections.

  • For "at-home" workers, DSL can provide access to your corporate network and improve your productivity.

  • Ten to sixty times faster than a dial-up modem increases your productivity by enabling you to do more in less time.

  • Web pages load instantly and large downloads take only minutes.

  • An "always-on" connection without annoying busy signals or aggravating disconnects.

  • No dedicated or second phone line required because DSL shares your existing phone line; so you can talk or fax and be online at the same time.

  • More privacy, security and consistency than cable Internet service because you're not sharing the cable with others in your neighborhood. The more users, the slower cable gets.

  • NetDotCom DSL is available in several speeds, so you can choose the speed that is right for you. Plus you can easily upgrade to a higher speeds at any time without purchasing new equipment.

  • Easy-to-understand prices and bills, no confusing "combo" prices, hidden add-ons, rebates, or limited time offers. We quote you the exact price for your service.

All subscriptions include the following features:
  • No Contracts or Long Term Commitments At NetDotCom your never locked into a long term contract. All services are priced on a month to month basis, with no early cancellation fees.

  • Free multi-computer support At NetDotCom extra computers are not an extra expense.

  • Free English speaking technical support for Internet and DSL related issues from our skilled and experienced support staff. 

  • Ten E-mail accounts with 10 megabytes of storage each.

  • Web based e-mail access that gives you access to your e-mail account from any Internet computer anywhere in the world!

  • Free junk e-mail filtering that virtually eliminates all junk emails before they get to your inbox.

  • Free Personal Firewall software to protect your computer from hackers.

  • Free Pop-Up Blocker software to eliminate those annoying popup ads used at many websites.

  • Free Anti-Spyware Software to find and remove sneaky spyware programs that spy on your surfing habits, change your home and search pages, lead to identity theft and cause errors and unreliable operation.

  • Flexible payment options including cash, check, money order or credit card

  • Unlimited, always-on usage of your broadband DSL line.

  • Optional on-site installation performed by our highly skilled and experienced computer technicians with years of experience.

  • Optional on-site computer and local area network support Do you really want a telephone or tv cable repairman with a few days of training working on your expensive computer or complex local area network?


 NetDotCom DSL Access (Residential)

512K Down / 128K Up


1.5M Down / 384K Up



 NetDotCom DSL Access (Business)

512K Down / 128K Up


1.5M Down / 384K Up $105.00/month
640K Down / 640k Up $160.00/month


 NetDotCom DSL Equipment & Installation
DSL Modem with USB port $50.00

DSL Modem with Single Ethernet Port


DSL Modem with 4 Port Ethernet Switch $125.00
DSL Modem with 4 Port Ethernet Switch & Wireless Access $155.00
DSL Noise Filter $9.95/each
A noise filter is required for each phone of fax machine that shares the same phone number as the DSL modem
On-Site Installation (Optional) $90.00/hour
On-site installation includes installation and configuration of the DSL modem & cabling on one computer system.  Installation of other hardware (such as Ethernet ports/hubs/switches/cables) or software is not included.


 Optional DSL Internet Services
  • Additional E-Mail Accounts with ten megabytes storage each

  • Roaming Dial-Up Access adds dial-up modem access to your broadband service. Great for travelers.

  • Additional Disk Storage for clients who routinely deal with large e-mails or images can increase the size of their personal storage space or e-mail account.

  • Static IP Addresses provides the same IP address each time you connect.

  • Static Subnet provides you with a small block of fixed, public IP addresses for your local area network.

  • Domain Name E-Mail Service provides for email addresses based on a domain name you select for yourself. Example:

  • Wireless & Wired Local Area Network installation and setup for individuals & businesses to share data, printers and Internet service among multiple computers. (call for more information)

 Optional Service Prices (Home or Business)

Additional E-Mail Account


Roaming Dial-Up Access $15.00/month
Static IP Address (1) $10.00/month
Static Subnet (Provides 6 Routable IP addresses) $25.00/month
Bulk disk storage space (25 MB) $5.00/month
Domain Name E-mail service (includes 5 additional e-mail accts) $10.00/month
Wireless & Wired Network Setup (requires consult) Please call
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