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 Virus Reports?

We do not send virus reports. Do not open the e-mail if you get one.

 Stay Updated!

We strongly encourage all of our customers to install anti-virus software and then scan for viruses on a regular basis. Please update your virus definitions on a regular basis since new viruses get launched every day.

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 Important Notices

NetDotCom is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of service offered to our customers. This page will keep you up to date on any service issues or changes on the NetDotCom network.

If you have questions about a problem area and how it affects you, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

Users of McAfee Anti-Virus Software: Updated (fixed)

NetDotCom has released new versions of the Internet Setup Wizard and Internet Dialer that are not affected by the newest McAfee release.

Because of the self updating feature of the Dialer, you will be prompted to download the update next time you connect. You can also download it from this web site.

Users of McAfee Anti-Virus Software:

McAfee released a new update wherein it pattern matches the NetDotCom Internet Dialer to the Backdoor.AKZ trojan. The dialer is not
actually infected, but McAfee will delete the .EXE anyway.

NetDotCom is working with McAfee to release a new update that will not mark the software as a virus.

NetDotCom has launched it's new website.
We hope that the improvements to our site make it more useful to you.

Access Number Changes

NetDotCom has completed the changeover to its new access numbers. All old access number have been disconnected. All installation CD's and instructions received prior to 5/1/04 are obsolete. NetDotCom recommends clients to download our Internet Setup Wizard in case you need to reinstall or purchase a new computer.

As part of our continuing service improvements, NetDotCom has added nationwide Internet access. Now you can get online from over 12,500 locations throughout the United States. NetDotCom has released an Internet Setup Wizard which will configure (access and e-mail) any Windows based computer. You are welcome to download the wizard in case you need to reconfigure your computer

Virus Alert

If you have received an unusual email concerning your email account. These e-mails are not from us. This is a computer virus called "The Beagle Virus". We are not sending these messages and you should delete any that get through. All ISPs are getting hit with this. We are adjusting filters on our mail servers to stop them from getting through. However, some have already slipped through and may continue to slip through.

Subject lines will be: E-mail account disabling warning. E-mail account security warning. Email account utilization warning. Important notify about your e-mail account. Notify about using the e-mail account. Notify about your e-mail account utilization. Warning about your e-mail account.

The senders address is forged and may appear to have been sent from one of the following addresses:;;;;

For more information on Beagle: Please update your virus definitions today! In fact, we recommend that you set your anti-virus software to update virus definitions at least once per week if not daily. There are always new viruses popping up and you need to be prepared.

Virus Alert

There is a mass e-mail going around that claims to be from NetDotCom. It says that your NetDotCom has detected a virus and that you must click a link in order to stop the NetDotCom from closing your account. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. It is probably either a virus or a scam. Although we are not aware of any of our customers receiving the spoof at this time, a lot of ISPs are reporting this problem and it could happen to you. Please keep in mind that we cannot stop these e-mails. They are coming from someone else. It is similar to trying to stop someone from putting your return address on regular postal mail and sending it out. On a related note,



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